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Vintage Bible College & Seminary is an interdenominational christian bible college and seminary. We are located in Winston-Salem and convenient to Greensboro, Charlotte, High Point, Raleigh and the Piedmont Triad area of Forsyth County, North Carolina. Vintage Bible College provides both on-campus and online bible seminary degree studies. This website is a presentation of some of the programs and policies of Vintage Bible College & Seminary; however, the school is not liable for errors and/or omissions which may occur in the publishing of this site. Vintage Bible College reserves the right to make changes and corrections as necessary. If you have questions, contact the school by phone (336) 759-0591 or email

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Winter 2018: Term A 

6-Week Format: January 8 - February 18

NOTE: 12 or more online courses are offered each quarter in multiple class terms (A,B,C,D), with new courses beginning approx. every 3 weeks


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The Pastoral Epistles (BS201)

The two letters to Timothy along with the letter to Titus are called the Pastoral Epistles.  These letters contain some of the most encouraging and challenging writings of the Apostle Paul as he seeks to instruct and exhort Timothy and Titus, two young pastors and coworkers of Paul. The study will seek to discover the specifics of the Pastoral Letters, as well as provide good insight into the very heart and nature of New Testament ministry.


Introduction to Apologetics (PH402)

Everyday believers are faced with the challenges of proclaiming truth in the face of anti-Christian philosophies, secularism, and the various false teachings of our world.  This course will objectively confront the issues and provide answers to such hard questions as skepticism, atheism, natural theology, the integrity of Scripture, the problem of evil, and more.  Upon completion, the student should have a strong understanding of many of the challenges to Christianity and be ready to give a defense for the faith.  


Biblical Principles of Leadership II (PM302)

An in-depth and direct study of the principles of Biblical leadership as revealed in the Word of God.  Special emphasis will be placed on the character and integrity of a leader in the body of Christ, as well as guidelines for personal growth and development.




[MASTERS LEVEL COURSE] Biblical Dynamics of Marriage (PM517) 

This course will discuss true intimacy in marriage, which requires great love, strong commitment, and special grace.  Discussion will include the necessity of intimacy in the relationship, while also pointing out some of the snares that seek to hinder a healthy relationship.  Upon completion, students should better understand God’s design for a fulfilled and lasting relationship between the husband and wife and its effect upon establishing a healthy Christian home.



This course focuses on developing the student's ability to analyze and critique non-theistic arguments and challenges to the Christian faith and to formulate consistent Christian apologetic responses to them through Biblical research, analysis, and interpretation.



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