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Master of Ministry Degree

(Concentration in Pastoral Ministry)



This program of study will provide a concentration in Pastoral Ministry.  With a strong foundation of theology and a practical knowledge of Biblical ministry methods, this program of study will help prepare the student for public ministry in the local church and community, as well as one on one.  Anyone called to ministry, regardless of their particular calling, should possess an intense knowledge of New Testament ministry and a deeper conviction and commitment to his/her own personal call to ministry.  Upon completion of the program the student should demonstrate a greater knowledge of the Bible and an overall understanding of Biblical interpretation, and possess the ability to effectively use the Word of God in Christian ministry, as well as the capacity to constructively exercise judgment and skill in areas vital to the ministry.


Course Requirements

In order to graduate with a Master of Ministry Degree (M.Min.), the student must have satisfactorily completed the following requirements:


1.  Pre-requisite:  Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in related/approved field   

2.  A minimum of 34 Credits for program completion   

3.  A minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0   

4.  All financial obligations settled with VBC   

5.  Recommendation by the faculty for graduation


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Academic Information




Diploma in Biblical Studies  (D.B.S.)

Master of Theology Degree (Th.M)
Associate in Biblical Studies Degree  (A.B.S.)

Master of Leadership Degree (M.L.M.)


Associate in Ministry Degree (A.Min.)

    Christian Counseling

Master of Ministry Degree (M.Min.)

     Christian Education

  Bachelor of Theology Degree (Th.B)

Master of Ministry Degree (M.Min.)

     Pastoral Studies

  Bachelor of Leadership Degree (B.L.M.)


General Information

  Bachelor of Ministry Degree (B.Min.)

       Christian Counseling   

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  Bachelor of Ministry Degree (B.Min.)

        Pastoral Studies

Student Application
  Bachelor of Christian Education Degree (B.C.E.) Sign our Guestbook

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